Belchertown Field Hockey
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Belchertown Field Hockey is an organization that was formed to develop the sport of field hockey in the local Belchertown area. This organization coaches the local youth and high school programs, runs summer and winter clinics, and organizes teams to play in local tournaments throughout the year. Both indoor and outdoor field hockey play is available. The mission of our group is to help athletes foster a love for the support, teach them skills, and provide opportunities for individual and team growth throughout the year for athletes in grades K-12.


Not sure what field hockey is or want some more information? Here is a quick guide to field hockey put out by USA Field Hockey.

You can also find tons of great information here from our national organization.


This website has been designed with our Belchertown Field Hockey family in mind. Please use the navigation tool to find information on youth programming, the high school teams, indoor field hockey, clinics, equipment, our store, college recruitment, and more!