Belchertown Field Hockey

Belchertown Field Hockey was started in 2012 through the help of the Belchertown Recreation Department and coaches who were passionate about the sport and determined to see it grow in the area. With meager beginnings, including no goals or a home field the first year, an initial group of 3rd through 8th graders formed our first Junior Youth team. With just one team our first two years (and some interesting green shirts), we started growing.

Valley Cup 2013

Valley Cup 2013


By 2014, we had two full youth teams and some real jerseys!

Image: Valley Cup 2014- Senior Team


Each year we added more and more players, more teams, and created more opportunities for younger and younger players to get involved.

Image: Youth Players 2015


By 2015, not only did we have junior and senior teams at the youth level, but also a Bantam team. In addition, the high school program was started in 2015!

Image: Bantam Team 2016


After two years as a JV program, in 2017, a Varsity program was also added. In just our 2nd year as a Varsity program in 2018, we are proud to say we were the PVIAC Tri-County League champions and made it into the state tournament!

Image: Belchertown JV 2016

From tournament championships to new team events to the addition of indoor field hockey in 2016 and to first wins, we are so excited to see where this program goes!