College Field Hockey Programs

Just as you are thinking about where you might want to go to college in general, you will also want to think about this for field hockey. As you do this, plan to reach out to coaches, visit campuses, and let them get to know you.

To start, field hockey programs will have a website and they have prospective player questionnaires. You should fill these out and if you are a junior or older, you are permitted to speak directly with college coaches about possibly playing at their program.

If you set up a meeting with a college or email them for information, also do your own research. Much like a job interview, you should know as much about the organization as you can. It gives you an idea if you really want to play there and also lets the coach know you are actually motivated and interested in their program.


College Field Hockey Programs

To get you started, here is a great comprehensive list of schools with field hockey programs:


Field hockey programs by division

In each of the links below you can check out the NCAA standings, stats, and rosters for all college level field hockey programs in the country. In general, D1 programs are for elite players and are very competitive. D2 programs are also competitive and there are fewer of them. D3 programs are the least competitive and 70% of programs are D3. That said, many of these programs are excellent, so looking at their rankings will also help you understand what may be a good fit.


Proespective Player Recruiting tool

Since you may be filling out many prospective player questionnaires, you may find it helpful to use the tool below. It can help you fill out many questionnaires with ease. This can be really helpful particularly as your stats change and you will need to update them on every questionnaire.