Equipment Essentials

This page will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about equipment and more. In regard to equipment, if you are new to the sport, please review the guidelines below carefully, particularly for goggles or a stick. We also highly recommend that you consult with coaches first before getting these items to save you time with potential returns. Every year players buy the wrong size sticks and illegal goggles. Dick's Sporting Goods, for example, does NOT sell the right equipment in their starter packets generally so please wait and see at the first practice. We have sticks and goggles to borrow until you get your own- or you can borrow them for the season.

In general for the regular outdoor season, both high school and youth players will need:

  • Mouth guard (It cannot be clear, white, or have any tab on it)

  • Shin guards (which cover the whole shin and have ankle protection) We generally refer youth players to get the black and white reversible shin guards made by STX that are at Dick's in the field hockey section. We wear black socks for games so this makes it easier. 

    • High school players typically wear harder plastic shin guards and will need white and orange socks to cover them for games.

  • Cleats- This is key for safety, though not required. Players who do not wear cleats frequently fall while playing without them.

  • Goggles - As of January 2019, all players must wear goggles which meet the ASTM 2713-14 guidelines and this must be permanently labeled on the goggles. Please carefully review the section on goggles below to you get the correct kind.

  • Stick- It is not required that you one own, but you will certainly need it. Most players purchase their own, but we do have plenty you may borrow during the season.

  • Gloves- Gloves are not required for indoor or outdoor play but athletes may find they help prevent injury if their fingers are hit by a ball or stick.



Goggles need to meet certain requirements to be legal and officials will NOT let players on the field if they do not have the required type. In addition, players who wear illegal goggles onto the field which are spotted by officials, will cause the coach to be carded.

Please review the attached guidelines carefully so you are getting the right kind.



If you need a new stick, it is best to wait and ask a coach for the correct size as many kids do not have the right size stick. In general, the stick should go from the ground to the top of your child's hip bone. In general, youth players do fine with beginner and intermediate level sticks and should pay between $50-$100 for a stick.

For players at the high school, intermediate or higher level sticks work well. While it is not a requirement, players typically play better with a stick that is beyond a beginner stick. Players in high school should not need to pay more than $150 for a good stick, though they can certainly spend well beyond that. Players should come to practice and check out teammate and coaches sticks to help them determine what they need.

Please do not forget we have plenty of sticks of all types and sizes that players can borrow instead of purchasing their own. We also allow stick swapping so you can swap up for a bigger stick that fits.

If you need further help selecting a stick you can contact us or try one of these guides:

Do not forget that you may want an indoor stick for the winter. These sticks are thinner and are labeled as indoor sticks when you shop online. We also have indoor sticks in our store for purchase.



Gloves are not required, but players may find these helps save them from some painful bruises.

Indoor players typically wear thicker gloves, like those seen in the picture. A left hand glove is always recommended for indoor field hockey.

You can shop online or in stores for many other types of field hockey gloves.