Recruiting Profile

What is it?

Think about it like a resume of field hockey. In this, you will need to include your stats, club affiliations, tournament experiences, position, clinics, etc.

How to do it?

Many times players do this themselves when they fill out player questionnaires, covered in the section on college field hockey programs. You can also do it through web based programs or with a consultant.

The key is, understanding what you need to do to fill up your profile and start early.


Recruiting Profile Link

If you aren’t really sure where you want to play but you are definitely interested in playing, you might consider developing a profile on a recruiting app such as through Next College Student Athlete. Even if you aren’t sure what you need to do or where to start, take a look at this website. It gives you a very thorough idea of the kind of information you will be asked about and what you will need to get seen by college coaches.

There is also a great search tool on this website. You can search by your own stats and interests and see what colleges might be a good fit.